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Trouble with Commitment Level?
Written by Luke Eslinger on Jun. 2nd 2019
In the world we live in today, I find it quite rare to find a man or women that live up to what they say they will do. A lot of times, this all stems back to one's commitment level to where they want to go in life or fitness.
What is commitment level? Commitment level boils down to how much you are willing to endure to reach a certain level that you wish to get to. So let's take fitness for example, you are a little overweight and you want to lose 15lbs of body fat. Your current actions aren't giving you the results that you want so you come upon the realization that you need to change. You then come up with a plan to lose the extra weight, be it self education, buying a program, or seeking help via someone who is fit. Because of this step you now know how to lose the weight by why does it keep coming back or why do you do good for a few weeks and then go back to your old self?

You don't have the necessary commitment level to succeed long term. Therefore, we must instill this commitment level into us, so anytime we decide to make a change, we are able to endure the hardship of changing our old self into a new and better person. This is how we develop and fine tune our commitment level:

1. Understand the way the human mind works
Through evolution our brains have evolved to eliminate discomfort before seeking any kind of pleasure. When you set yourself up for a long term goal (anything that takes a month or more to achieve) you are going to go through a lot of discomfort before you obtain the pleasure of the weight that you lost. However, once you understand this, you will know that the light at the end of the tunnel is coming and all you need to do is stay the course and eventually you will obtain your goal.

2. Change your perspective
Now that you know how the human mind works, it is time to change your perspective. On your path to achieving the goal you set out for you are going to have moments of doubt, you are going to be unsure if you can achieve your goal, and you may find yourself caught up in how uncomfortable you are in the present moment. This is normal and it will happen often, especially in the early stages. We need to learn to embrace these thoughts and then turn them into thinking how good its going to feel to get through this. It sucks now, but you are becoming a stronger person because of it and you will reap the benefits of the goal shortly down the road.

3. Solidify your goal
It is very important that we celebrate our goal that we achieved, but then immediately after, set a new, more difficult goal. By doing this you focus on getting better instead of allowing ourselves to slowly seep back down to our old self. This instills a sense of security and permanence to the original goal we set out because now we aren't going back to our old habits and are instead reaching to even greater levels.
I hope you find these 3 tips to be helpful on your path the becoming the best version of yourself. Feel free to take our quiz to find out your current level of fitness and what you should be focusing on given your current level, you can find that here: LifeWarrior Fitness Quiz

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About Author: Luke Eslinger

Luke Eslinger is the founder of LifeWarrior Fitness. It became very apparent to him at a young age that true fitness knowledge is hard to come by without the correct environment in place. His mission in life is to share this knowledge with as many people as possible so they too can reap the rewards of achieving an elite level of fitness.
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