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Achieving an ELITE level of fitness can be a daunting task, regardless of where you are at. I was in your shoes at one point as well and it is an uphill climb believe me. Gaining the knowledge you need as well as learning through trial and error can take years until you actually start getting the results you want. With the LifeWarrior Fitness Course, you will gain all the knowledge you need to have long term success in fitness which is priceless. It can take years to learn what really works for you and with my course you will learn everything you need for success in the matter of weeks. Save years on your fitness journey and sign up today!
If the course doesn't live up to expectation you will receive a full refund no questions asked, I've put my all into this.

Owner of LifeWarrior Fitness
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THE LIFEWARRIOR fitness course
Section 1: In section 1, we will lay the groundwork for the course as well as go over your goals for participating in the course, and your ultimate goals in life and fitness. Without a proper sense of direction, we will just move in circles, not achieving very much. 

Section 2: In section 2, we will uncover the secrets of mental toughness. Our mind is at the forefront of everything we do in our life. If we wish to change our level of fitness, we must first change our mind, by reaching new levels of mental toughness.

Section 3: In section 3, we will learn the ins and outs of sleep and recovery. The gym provides a stimulus to the body but sleep and recovery is what allows our body to change. Therefore, we must implement solid sleep and recovery tactics to get the best results. 

Section 4: In section 4, we will uncover why your body looks the way it does right now. Nutrition is the #1 factor in determining what our bodies look like. If we wish to change the way we look, we must change the way we eat and drink. 

Section 5: In section 5, you will learn the fundamentals that are rarely taught about training and working out. This is also where you will find the iconic LifeWarrior 5-week workout programs, at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels!
  • 5 Sections on Defining Goals, Mental Toughness, Sleep & Recovery, Nutrition, and Working Out 
  • 36 Modules to Help You Succeed in Health & Fitness 
  • LifeWarrior's Iconic 5 Week Workout Program at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels 
  • ​Email Support System to Answer Your Questions About Fitness and The Course 
  • ​Action Steps to ensure That You Not Only Learn the Material but Implement it
Special Feature #1: Gain access to the iconic LifeWarrior 5-week workout programs, at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, that’s 15 weeks of workouts! The programs are designed around building functional strength, aesthetics, mobility, and athleticism, according to your current level. You will also receive access to a private YouTube link that has video tutorials for every single exercise in all 3 programs, eliminating confusion and saving YOUR time! 
Special Feature #2: Have all your questions answered about the course and fitness in general at a moment notice. Under the support tab, you will gain access to our LifeWarrior Course email address which you may use at any time to get a professional answer to any questions you may have! 
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"I have nothing but good things to say about Luke's programs. If it wasn't for LifeWarrior, I wouldn't be where I am today, playing NCAA hockey. "
NCAA Athlete
Liam Gentile
"LifeWarrior helped me achieve a level of confidence in my body and self that I never thought to be attainable. I'm so thankful I can now call myself a true LifeWarrior."
N.Y.C. Bell Agency Model
Samantha Crawford
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Meet Luke,
Founder of LifeWarrior Fitness
  • Founder of LifeWarrior Fitness, 2017
  • Nationally Accredited Personal Trainer, 2016
  • Junior Hockey Player, 2017-2019
  • Practitioner and Competitor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 2013-2019
  • USA Powerlifting Competitor, 2018-2019
  • Certified lifeguard, scuba instructor, and swimming instructor, 2016
"Once you reach an elite level of fitness, doors just seem to open for you. What you never thought possible before, now is simple attainable by a desire and sound plan of action. Go unlock a whole new set of doors for yourself and do what you never  thought possible."
-Luke Eslinger
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