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Should Girls Lift Weights?
Written by Luke Eslinger on May. 28th 2019
 A girl’s fitness training should most definitely include weightlifting. In regard to the pros and cons of such training, females are no different than males. However, you will often see most girls enter the gym and go straight to the cardio machines and don’t go anywhere near weights. If you are one of these individuals you are missing a crucial part of training.

Consider the following key points. The benefits of weightlifting, as I’ve discussed in previous posts, include increased lean mass, decreased body fat, improved balance and coordination, heightened bone density and stronger connective tissue. These benefits apply to both men and women.

 Another important consideration is that many women, just like men, go to the gym to look good, to achieve the best possible female look of slim arms, a toned slim stomach, wide hips and a better ass. Just doing cardio training, however, will be of little to no benefit in achieving this desired look and greater fitness. In order to attain your goals of improved fitness and appearance, once your diet is in check, a steady mix of weight training and cardio training is necessary. Depending on your body type and how advanced you are in your training, you should be doing something along the lines of 70% of the time in the weight room and 30% of the time doing cardio. The reason for this training schedule is because the weight room is really where you will be able to sculpt your body and add size to the right places.

 Cardio comes in to decrease unwanted fat and increase cardiovascular resilience, which the weightlifting will already do to an extent.A man and woman both training for their desired look will obviously focus on different exercises because men and women look different. So if you are a female who has done strictly cardio or for that matter not trained at all, I encourage you to start regular weight training. 

A few exercises that are necessary to build the desired female physique are the barbell squat, the deadlift, the Romanian deadlift, and barbell hip thrusters. These are a good start and can easily be added on to your normal routine.A common concern specifically with women and weightlifting that I hear all the time is “I don’t want to get too big.” I have heard this countless times and it simply does not apply. Do not be swayed by this myth or a picture of a professional female weightlifter who has trained and sculpted to the max for years. 

A lot of females believe that if they start weight training they are soon going to be as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger, even within a couple of months. In reality the only way you will get too big and too muscular is if you are eating tons of food everyday and lifting every single day for years on end. You have to also consider the fact that testosterone plays a large role in the muscle building process and most men I talk to have trouble putting on copious amounts of muscle. So getting “too big” should not be a concern for females when it comes to weightlifting. Work the target muscle groups and do cardio a couple of times a week and you will see nothing but benefits from introducing weightlifting into your training schedule. It will drastically enhance your physique compared to not training with weights or only doing cardio.

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